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The common method to lose a turn in Scrabble is to have tiles that you cannot form a word with. In most occasions, getting stuck with tiles is due to one of this reason, having a few scrabble vocabularies or having numerous vowel tiles on your rack. Learning scrabble word tips from online Scrabble word finder may also assist you in this situation. Since there are a hundred tiles in Scrabble game with ninety-eight letter tiles and 2 blank tiles. As forty-two of these letter tiles are vowels, due to this large number of vowels it is frequent to have more of vowels and a few consonants on your tile rack. When this occurs, the next thing is to execute a scrabble vowel dump. What is meant by Scrabble Vowel Dumps?

If you happen to find yourself stocked with many vowels and need to exonerate them, to perform scrabble vowel dump words is the fastest way to do that. Scrabble words have various vowels and can sometimes affect the number of vowels on your tile rack. Examples of Scrabble Vowel Dump

Words used as vowel dumps are rare that you only have to learn them. For instance, the word “Area” or “Aecia” is a good means to eliminate three vowels and a consonant. Two- Letter Vowel Dumps

Here are some words to boost your scrabble skills and dump vowels fast, you don’t have to use Scrabble cheat or Scrabble help. These 5 words are scrabble official words and are used by players to dump vowels. AI, AE, AA, OI, OE Four- Letter Vowel Dumps

If you want a longer word, or when you have to dump many vowels, attempt any of these four letter vowel dumps. AEON AQUA ARIA AWEE BEAU CIAO EAUX IDEA IXIA JIAO Several “I” Vowel Dumps

The mainly hard vowel to utilize in scrabble is “I.” Due to this, here are some lists of vowel dumps using multiple “I”. IBIS ILIA KIWI LIRI MIDI MINI Scrabble vowel dumps are like any other scrabble moves, they need proper use. There are plenty more vowel dumps, there is a list of them online.

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If you wish to play Scrabble professionally, you need to acknowledge the fact that there are thousands of words in the official Scrabble dictionary, Collins Scrabble Words (CSW), and it is impossible to learn them all. But your chances of winning a game improve drastically if you manage to learn 20% of the total words. It is essential to constantly learn new word tips and seek all the help you can from Scrabble help websites to keep up with the competition. CSW is updated on a regular basis but the 2012 version (CSW12) has upwards of 115,000 words. Although it might seem too much to the beginner, learning a small percentage of these words will help you become extremely effective at Scrabble.


There is one piece of advice that holds true for all players, beginners and experts. Never stop adding new words to your small words vocabulary. You might never come across some of these two letter words that are present in the CSW12. Some opponents might even label you as a cheat for using such words but as long as they are in the official dictionary, it does not matter. Just train your brain to learn these words and you will find optimal solutions and get out of tricky situations on the board with ease.


Next up are the three letter words, or hooks to your two letter words. Learning these words and hooks takes a little more time than the two because there are so many words to learn. It is all about being patient and training your brain to find an optimal solution to the problem at hand.

A true Scrabble player will always try and add more words to his vocabulary with the help of Scrabble word finder available online. An enhanced vocabulary of smaller words enables the player to form a variety of parallel plays, take the benefit of a lot of bonus word scores and bonus letter scores, and attack the hot spots on the board with a simple move.

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When playing Scrabble, there are a few basic things you need to master such as how to rearrange the tiles or exchange them. These are 2 options you have which could be huge game changers. A Scrabble cheat could go a long way especially if you really want to do your best and win your match no matter what the challenges may be. Scrabble is a mind game and a board game and it bohoves every serious player to consult a Scrabble word checker from time to time.

On Rearranging the Tiles

Rearranging your tiles could be done mentally but you can also have a more concrete and visual look if you try doing it on your rack. Finding a word is easy for some players through rearranging their available letters right on the rack. The words would easily pop out and you can immediately build them before placing on the squares. In online Scrabble, doing so is possible through a shuffle button.

On Exchanging Tiles

You can find numerous word tips in Scrabble but the exchange is absolutely the last resort. You can avoid it through improvising or use a Scrabble word finder to make use of all the available tiles you have on your rack. Take note that you only exchange letters if it is impossible to spell a word with what you got. If you really hate your rack, then it’s more logical to exchange letters or tiles than suffer the agony. In exchanging tiles, always remember that you are giving up your turn thus make a sound decision before calling it.

Rearranging the tiles in your head can help you to identify many two letter words and is one of the best strategies to keep others from knowing your next move or the available tiles on your rack. Exchanging tiles ought to be your last resort only if you have run out of luck.

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